Light and Shadow

by Within Rust

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Light and Shadow is the debut full-length album from Vancouver Alternative Rock outfit Within Rust. Smart and snide allegory disguised as brooding and, at times, aggressive takes on progressive, contemporary Indie Rock.


released January 23, 2016

Nolen Scott: Vocals, additional keyboards

Matt Gage: Guitar, additional keyboards

John Waldock: Bass, additional keyboards

Lewis Scott: Drums, additional keyboards

All songs written by N. Scott, M. Gage, J. Waldock, L. Scott

Lyrics by Nolen Scott

Artwork by Kevin Moore (Soft Surrogate)

Tracks 5, 8, 9, and 11 produced by Travis Saunders and Within Rust at The Rats Nest

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7,10, 12 and 13 produced by Within Rust at The Rat's Nest

Drums engineered by Shane Stephenson and Bartek Danel (Listening Party) at Harbourside Studios

Additional engineering on tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, and 13 by Cezar White and Christopher Wong at Tone Freak Audio

Edited / Mixed by Travis Saunders

Mastered By Greg Mindorff



all rights reserved


Within Rust Vancouver, British Columbia

It's a unique kind of ethic that results in songs like “Rorschach”, with a clear ode to 90's Post Hardcore, and “The Taking” a Killers esque Indie track with a nod to Pink Floyd. In mixing such disparate genres as Progressive Rock and Post-hardcore, there’s a lot of room for error, but Within Rust winds these and more into a strange and accessible Indie Rock package. ... more

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Track Name: Generation Null
*obscure noise*
Track Name: Firing Squads
I grow tired of tending to your fires / and wishing well on firing squads / and paid off brigades / a life could last a minute, a minute could last a life / I count down the precious seconds I lie awake tonight / It just gets worse, It just hurts / He said / I can't help it its who I am / Marked for death in the promise land / hands up the lights go out / look I don't really know what I'm talking about / I got the weight of the world / and it's bringing me down / Its like its like the centre of the universe / Was right here in this town / And its in your pipe and in my pipe dreams / And a million carbon copies of DNA at the crime scene / As the days start to change / From blood red to sombre gray / All hearts will grow / Grow cold
Track Name: Sleeping On The Floor
She's not leaving till she finds her phone / All us lovely strike outs aren't going home / All you junkies, all you hacks / You're just like me with a side of heart attack / It's always a shame to watch things go / Its always a pain to watch people go / This will be over before anyone knows / This will all be over but I take it slow / How can I commit to be anything else / I break my bones, put myself through hell / Its not me on the surface, but deep down inside / I'm happy I'm a witness, I'm happy I'm alive / Could you just tell me why... I even tried / I'm quite fine with sleeping on the floor / Who needs comfort, who needs safety anymore / Why do anything I asked, when all your demons / Will take you to task / Well I hate myself and I want to die / Just like everyone else that you met last night / And I'm running out of hope / And everything's a joke / This will be over before anyone knows / This will all be over but I take it slow /Take it slow / Take it slow
Track Name: Light and Shadow
Close the blinds, its getting bright / It activates my fight or flight / I'd hold myself down, just to say / I did it all in my own way / You never respond to my stimuli / Cause all I ever did was try / Try to be good try to be golden / I'm a little off beat, a little outspoken / I hold tight to the light and shadow / And never let go I never let go / (Don't let anything timeless make you stay the same / Don't let anything precious ever let you change) / Send transmission to the people of the Earth / I am a man so put me in the dirt / On my own I wasn't taught / Today I bleed in shades of gray / I wanna be by your side, I wanna run and hide / I wanna play along, just tell me that's not wrong / I try to be good, I try to be golden / I'm a little offbeat, I'm a little outspoken
Track Name: Interstate
I went away for a while, told myself that I missed your smile / All these naive images fill my head, cliches to drown out the dread / No I'm not going home today / Cause I'm free / Walking these old streets, they don't feel like they're mine / I've been lost somewhere in time / I've been everywhere and yet nowhere at all / Watching summer turn to fall
Track Name: Alive With Ease
The lights are fading, the view is grand / Fleeting with the butterflies, we burrow in the sand / The lines we live by, revel in their signs / To anyone's great judgement with any small design /I've gotta pick it apart to start again / How are you taking it? Would you feel let down / If we stayed here, Just to find the ground / Will it hold us, to take the breeze / Fuelled by wonder and alive with ease / Your voice is grating, I do what I can / I'm ripping you off cause I'm your biggest fan / Foraging through the maelstrom, its just another phase / And when its said and done you'll only show you've aged / I wonder
Track Name: The Taking
Walkin' these streets like we got some kind of life / My buddy's sliding on the ground with a smoke, for a wife / We learned everything that we'll need to know / You're growing up too fast and I'm feeling so slow / Well the city and the shadows they go hand in hand / You got a good job but good luck paying' for the land / And the people aren't so pretty but they sure put up a front / And leave me feeling stupid Yeah they treat ya like a- / Take us all / Through all your weary proses / Stone the victim / And burn them with the roses / Tell me now / There's a light at the end / I used to feel so weightless / Now I'll never feel again / I know what's in my future and I know what's in yours / I know who wins I know I know who'll keep keeping score / And it won't be me cause I'm busy paying dues / Can't you see I'm terrified, that's why I'm haunting you / Well I never felt comfortable in my own skin / I don't like to tear it off get a glimpse of what's within / But anybody else, I wanna watch somebody die / I wanna hear their final wish, lets talk about you and I
Track Name: Surfacing
I'm surfacing today, building like a mountain / As the bridges burn away / I'm watching all the rays, feed the fountain lights that feed / Feed the disarray / We got ashes for your mansions / We got garrisons made of glass / We returned from the war effort and / Ya know we never look back / Yeah we never look back / Im breaking down today, in effervescent moods That pitch and swoon, I pray / We never look back
Track Name: Fever Dream
This is the beginning of the end I know, I sold you / In the wasteland (in my past I see through my head) / This is my atonement carved in stone, I'm with you / In the waste / Now I'm counting electric sheep / In a fever dream / Men like gods, gods like men / How could you do this to me over and over again / Who wants to live in a world like I have seen / Oh and all your matches are all burnt out / And all your skies are clouded now / Would you give me my sorrows for all that I've done / And all I've been, you're worth more than I could ever understand / So I'll slip into, I'll drift on in a fever dream
Track Name: Endless
I don't believe in a lot, but I put in so much thought / Into what I really believe and it always trips me up / I see bullets in a western sky / Craters hidden in my mind's eye / The record on repeat as the children cry / Why, and its endless, its endless / Oh my / What did you buy today, did it make the hurt go away / You never see children at play and everyday's the same day / I've been thinking a lot, about how it makes me feel / That nothing makes any sense, that not a thing is real
Track Name: Daysick
When I wake up I wanna got to sleep / When I go to sleep I wanna be awake / I wanna feel perfect forever, I wanna know my fate / I wanna have a heart to heart with someone who's the same / Is anyone the same? / Well I can talk to her for hours, but I can talk to you for days / My cards up on the table, I feel a parting of the waves / It's a dream I keep repeating, that throws me out to sea / I'm a child left in the open, it's all I'll ever be / Rain coming down, trains coming around / Cars are flippin, children are tripping / Can't you listen as my heart quickens / I'm such a wreck, how could I forget / When all I hear is the sound / Of everyone falling asleep, everyone falling asleep / Together. Forever. Forever. / Well I can talk to her for hours, but I can talk to Me for days / My cards up on the table, I feel a parting of the waves / It's a dream I keep repeating, that throws me out to sea / I'm a child left in the ocean, it's all I'll ever be / It's all I'll ever be